SIC Vol 37 Blade Jack Form & Leangle

Posted On November 17, 2011

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Front and Back of the Box,well kind of standard for a SIC

This set comes with Blade Jack form & Leangle and does not have much accessories.

This are all the hands that comes with this set,I will not change the hands in this review because 1 of them have broke before when I bought it.

From the left the 1st 4 belong to Leangle and the other 4 is Blade’s,you could see the 2nd hand ball joint is missing,thats the one that broke off.

The only accessories that comes with this set belong to Blades excluding Leangle Pole Arm .

Whats Blade without a Sword,the 2nd item is the exchangeable part for his rouzre absorber which is like his watch as seen below.

With the 2nd item used.

and for the 3rd accessories is a strap holder for his sword,but its only mend for his left leg.

You replace the armor on his left leg with the holder

and this is the result

For the front and side picture of Blade here it is.

The back with and without the wings well without the wings it look pretty much like Blade normal form.

The clear part on blade forehead can be removed

Blade wing can be spread as far as the image as seen below.

As seen in the show,the figure could recreate the effect where the card holder at his sword is able to open up.

For the Blade side overall its a great get and he really does look nice and the sword gimmick is there for extra posing option,but for the down side the leg joint is real weak and fall almost too often.

For Leangle side I wouldn’t do a review as one of the arm joint broke

The left arm joint where there is some circle which almost cant be seen is where the joint broke off when I bought it ~_~,so its only held in by friction so I am not going to review this.

Here is a few pictures.

His pole arm tip can be close like in the show,really nice gimmick,well Blade sword gimmick was better.

For Leangle side its really nice minus the QC problem but only problem beside the QC is lack of accessories but well Leangle does not really use anything else in the series.

Overall its a great SIC Release but I guess the QC problem and loose joint is just a trait that most older SIC follow,hopefully if you get this its those not have the same problem as I had.


4 Responses to “SIC Vol 37 Blade Jack Form & Leangle”

  1. Aya

    Welcome back 😀

    Nice get 😀 well ball joint is really fragile and loose easily so yeah bear with that T_T

    kinda regret not buy this last year while I have chance 😦 as I looking for faiz or blade(vol 35) more

    now I understand why people hunting blade jacks and ditch leangle the toes are silver

    by the way how much you get for this ?

  2. rubyvijudai


    Well thats the problem with most SIC below Vol 40 the Agito with bike.

    Yeah and now I pretty much gave up on getting older SIC because the price of it jack up by a lot.

    I got it for about $50 sgd

  3. Aya

    Really 50 SGD!!! so nice price 😀

    well I am sure 100-120 SGD can get faiz or blade

    • rubyvijudai

      Yeah I bought it last year.

      And you got it right thats the price for faiz or blade and also ryuki.

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