MG Gundam Ver 2.0

Posted On March 9, 2012

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A 270 Degree view of the Gundam,look pretty how it should look straight from the Anime,well i would say better because of 70s anime.

Its pretty much have all the articulation you want in a model kit.

It does come with only 1 core fighter but you do not necessary need the core fighter in the gundam to display it as a model.

You can fold the core fighter into its block form ? to be place in the middle of the gundam.

This model kit does come with a stand for the core fighter but well…….i broke it when trying to unpluck the stand from the base ……. same issue with the MG Destiny stand.

Its does come with a beam javelin which ……… i am not so interested.It also come with 2 light clear light pink beam which is the same colour as the MG Unicorn Ver.Ka.

As what I typed earlier with the amazing articulation you could pose the Gundam taking his beam saber handle from his backpack with ease.

The Bazooka look better than the javelin but I seriously have trouble trying to pose the Gundam with it,due to it being quite long.

Of course it does come with his beam rifle and well the naptam pod not sure about the name,i am really surprise this was included as it was in like 1 or 2 episode only and does not look really that great in my opinion.

Yeah it does not really look as good as

the beam rifle without the pod.

It does come with the Hammer,its a nice addition but i don’t see any pose i can have the Gundam with his hammer.

There his shield,not much comment on the shield XD but it does look okay.

Reason to get:You like this design,want to try a 2.0,its on discount XD.But seriously if you want to own a version of RX-78 get this unless you prefer the OYW Ver.

Reason not to get:Well if you dislike the design or you already own one version of him.

This should be how the Full Weapon Gundam should be XD.

I am guessing I would be ending this blog soon.


One Response to “MG Gundam Ver 2.0”

  1. Aya

    Well on 3.0 release many of those extra weapons are sold separately as exclusive XD seeing this review for comparing with the upcoming origin release(which don’t seems to include all rx-78 origin manga configuration yet) should realised the parting words years back 😦

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