SHF Faiz Axel Start Up

Posted On April 5, 2012

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Start Up

Yeah sorry for bad picture its at least better than mg wing zero which I fail epicly since more than half of the picture is very crappy,partly because I am very bad in using this camera and its mainly use for far shot not close up.

He come with 2 close fist that he is using now 2 open hand and only 1 weapon holding hand -_-

Again suck at close up ……. but there is 2 faiz watch one with the memory one without.

2 Faiz shot the one with no memory is for his side skirt while the one with the memory comes molded with a hand.

Again sorry for the bad picture bad at close up ~_~

Comes with 3 phone which is kind of cool but only the right hand can hold them since only 1 weapon holding hand -_-

I didn’t bother with the 3rd phone since its pretty much the same as the 2nd one.

The 1st phone mainly is for……..well having fun XD.

Same pose with the Faiz Edge…… again it would be nice if he has 2 weapon holding hand.

This figure can’t really pull off this pose as good as his show counter part.

Pros:The black colour on this figure is a mat finish as compare to the original Faiz.

This really represent the Faiz Axel we know in the series

Oooo the Cons:This is a tamashii exclusive so it would cost way more than your standard SHF

Only 1 weapon holding hand,this does limit most poses which you might try to do.

To me those are the only 2 cons i could find but those are very big problem,so you might want to really consider it before getting it,I got mine for $65 sgd so its not to bad.

O ya one more thing,

Exceed Charge,O yeah Faiz series finisher is definitely one of the better one as compare to Ahem rider Beyblade finisher but well having so many series they needed to do something unique.


2 Responses to “SHF Faiz Axel Start Up”

  1. Aya

    SGD 65 ? now that’s a nice price 😀 the thighs still bothering me thought but for that’s price I will buy too ^^
    lol beyblade finisher from 3 weeks ago hahahaha ^^

    • rubyvijudai

      Yeah I guess everyone was caught by surprise by that attack.

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